Are You New Here? – Please Read This First!

Thank you for checking us out!  If you’re considering making an appointment, here are some things you might want to know before you contact us

Here are some situations we frequently encounter:

1. Get Acquainted Appointment (No Fee)

You’re interested or curious about what we have to offer, but are uncertain if we are likely to meet your needs. If we were a retail merchant rather than a professional healthcare office, you would first come in and browse. That sounds reasonable to us. But if you drop in unannounced, we may not be available to meet you. Instead, we suggest you do this: make a fifteen minute “get acquainted appointment” to look around, “kick the tires” and ask questions about how and why we do what we do. Then you’ll be in a much better position to decide what you want. There is no fee for such an appointment as long as you let us know that fifteen minutes of friendly tire kicking is what you have in mind.

2. Get Acquainted Phone Call (No Fee)

You think you might be able to “kick the tires” with a phone call.  Call

  • Bruna at (416) 857-0437

3. Emergency a call.

You’re in pain and want treatment for that as soon as you can. Give us a call.

4. Specific Concern

You’re not in pain but have specific issues about your oral health and treatment and want those, and only those, attended to. Just call and let us know that.

5. Second Opinion

You want a “second opinion” about an issue before you make any decisions about treatment. Ask for that.

6. Cleaning

You “just want a cleaning.”  OK, but here are things that come to our minds when we hear that from folks who have not visited us before-

  1. A “cleaning” can take from 45 minutes up to several hours over several appointments. We’ll need to know about cleanings you have had in the past.
  2. Because of our experience with non-surgical gum treatments sometimes we don’t recommend a cleaning at a first appointment if you have Gingivitis or periodontal disease. Instead we will recommend a Microscopic Dental Plaque Exam first. That is just something we want you to consider, not a rigid rule we insist upon.
7. New Patient Complete Dental Examination

Our favorite reason for your calling and we hope that the reasons above may one day lead to this one: you want a new “dental home.” You want us to be your “go-to” place for dental care. We love that. Ask us for a “New Patient Complete Dental Examination.”

For whatever reason, you may choose to visit – Welcome!