Microscopic Imaging for Mouth and Gum Infections

Many individuals suffer from some mild-to-serious gum (“periodontal”) infections during their lifetime. The mainstream in dentistry is convinced that periodontal disease is caused exclusively by bacteria. Years of microscopic examinations of patients’ dental plaque by ourselves and other dental offices around the world who share our view have convinced us otherwise.

Using a phase-contrast microscopic we document the presence and behaviour of the micro-organisms (usually protozoa and fungi in addition to bacteria.) Perhaps viruses are involved too. We can’t know that, since viruses are too small to be seen on an optical microscope. While treatment of such infections eventually includes a professional scaling and polishing, our experience finds that eliminating the infection first is safer and leads to a quicker and less complicated resolution of the problems.

Doesn’t that make sense? In medicine, most infections are initially treated with antibiotics before mechanical means (surgical wound debridement or amputation) are called for. We agree with that philosophy except that we rarely use antibiotics. There are other natural options we (and our patients) prefer.

Often it is necessary to prepare at home for the day before and the day of this examination. Well let you know how to do that. See Non-Surgical Gum Treatment for more.