Veneers (“Lumineers®”)

Veneers are a way of improving the appearance of teeth without subjecting them to excessive trauma. They can be made of composite resin, but such veneers are not as aesthetically pleasing, life-like nor Lumineerscolour-stable as ones made by skilled technicians in the dental laboratory.

At Growing Beautiful Smiles, we use the veneers made by the Den-Mat Corporation since they pioneered the technique of implementing veneers with no or very little drilling. Non-invasive techniques are to be valued over ones that involve cutting into teeth. Having said that, even standard veneers which do involve drilling are much less invasive than a crown which is the alternative for achieving a similar aesthetic result.  (A crown would be called for where there is already significant structural damage to a tooth. A crown will “rebuild” a tooth.)

A veneer is a custom-made very thin piece of porcelain which can transform the appearance of a tooth, once it is bonded into place.

Den-Mat calls its product a Lumineer®