Oral Hygiene Instruction Dilemmas

by Bruna Mucaj, RRDH.

To an enormous extent, dental disease is preventable. But by far the most effective prevention is done by the teeth’s owners, (or the owner’s parents) – not by the dental profession and not by the government! We believe that of all the services we provide, Oral Hygiene Instruction is right up there with Nutritional Counselling as the most valuable. Alas, several factors conspire to frustrate our efforts.

Feelings Sometimes Experienced

During dental visits, many people feel that they are being “lectured” (scolded?) about brushing and flossing their teeth. We try hard not to send that kind of message. Sometimes, although we send oral hygiene instruction messages without “moral judgment,” the messages sent are not always the ones received. I once heard the process of human dialogue described thus:

“I know you believe you understood what you think I said, but what you thought you heard is not what I meant.”

Personal hygiene is a sensitive subject. By definition, it is personal! Please know from seeing this declared here, that we discuss this with everyone who seeks a complete dental examination – and everyone else if time permits. Know that when we discuss this with you, that you are not being especially “targeted.”

Personal Hygiene starts from when just a few days old to oldest age till the last tooth and further when Dentures or other options teeth replacement.

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